'Just want her to be happy': See this teacher's stunning Ambush Makeover

It's that time of the week!

TODAY's Ambush Makeover squad, hairstylist Louis Licari and E!'s Zanna Roberts Rassi, picked two deserving women from the plaza for dramatic Ambush Makeovers, and the results were, as always, spectacular.

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The first lucky woman to receive a makeover this morning was Jule Wilson, 66, of Tempe, Arizona. As a retired teacher for the visually-impaired, Wilson deserves some serious pampering as she's devoted her life to helping others.

Her daughter, who "just [wanted] her to feel beautiful," was thrilled about the makeover, while her best friend of 50 years "just [wanted] her to be happy."

The consensus on her new look? "Spectacular!"

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The second lucky recipient of a makeover was Ellen Meninga. Another retired teacher, Meninga is 63 and hails from Englewood, Florida, where she spends time playing tennis and golf.

Her friend told us that she simply wanted her to look and feel "glam."

Well, as Louis Licari confirmed, the makeover made her look "like a movie star."