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Judge Judy says her new hairstyle is 'here to stay'

Fans — and even her own bailiff — have had their say about her new look, and now everyone's favorite TV judge is sharing the only opinion that matters.
Judge Judy
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/ Source: TODAY

Judge Judith Sheindlin recently said goodbye to the signature short hairstyle she sported for decades — and she has no intention to say hello to it again.

The 76-year-old recently shocked "Judge Judy" viewers when she debuted a drastically different style on her long-running series. Instead of the curl-set short 'do they've known and loved, she showed off longer locks and a low ponytail, reminiscent of another famous judge.

Her fans shared their mixed reviews on social media, and Sheindlin's own bailiff, Petri Hawkins Byrd, even took to Instagram to reveal he preferred her old style.

But on the red carpet at Sunday's Daytime Emmy Awards, Judge Judy delivered the only verdict that counts — her own.

When asked about the sudden change, Sheindlin told Entertainment Tonight, "That will require a very honest answer."

And it turned out to be a very relatable one, too.

"It used to take me an hour to ready for work ... or even to go out for dinner," she said. "Hair, curling, blowing."

Frankly, she has more important things to do with that time, so her sleek style is just more practical. But that wasn't the only impetus behind the makeover.

After all the work she used to put into her hair, she didn't really appreciate the feedback she received.

"I realized at some point people always said, 'She looks terrific,' and always added five words: 'For a woman her age,'" she recalled. "I said, 'Listen, I can look great for a woman of any age.' That's it."

And while she hopes others like her fresh look, that's not the most important factor for her.

"I like it," she said. "It's comfortable and easy."

Then Sheindlin added, in her no-nonsense fashion, "It's here to stay!"

Judge Judy
Judge Judy Sheindlin accepts the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 46th annual Daytime Emmy Awards at the Pasadena Civic Center, Sunday, May 5, 2019.AP

But ultimately, all this talk of hairstyles isn't what's really important to the woman who just accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 46th Annual Daytime Emmys.

Sheindlin, who has no intention to retire any time soon after 23 years on the TV bench, is more concerned about her legacy. And what she wants to be remembered for is simple.

"That I was entertaining with a message," she said. "And the message is, you do the right thing, be a good citizen, be responsible. It's your life; you get to live it. If you live it well, you set a good footprint and you make it count."