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Rafferty Law, Jude Law's son, poses for Wonderland Magazine

Like father, like son!
Rafferty Law looks just like his dad, Jude Law, in a new photo shoot.
Rafferty Law looks just like his dad, Jude Law, in a new photo shoot.Sadie Frost / Wonderland Magazine
/ Source: TODAY

Rafferty Law's budding career is a family affair!

The 23-year-old has inherited his acting chops and good looks from dad Jude Law, and now he's honing his modeling skills with a little help from his mom, Sadie Frost.

While self-isolating at home during the coronavirus pandemic, Law teamed up with the English actress and producer for a quarantine photo shoot to celebrate the release of his latest film, "Twist." The striking images can be seen in Wonderland Magazine's summer issue and were shot in the family's London home.

Rafferty Law is following in his father's footsteps as a budding actor.Sadie Frost / Wonderland Magazine

In the eye-catching photo spread, Law can be seen posing around the house — in the pool, on a couch, hanging out with his brother, Rudy, 17, and sister, Iris, 19.

"It's so funny, the dynamic of all of us being back in the house together … I caught my brother hiding snacks around the house. I'm not even joking," the actor told the magazine.

The Law siblings posed for the photo shoot with their brother.Sadie Frost / Wonderland Magazine

Law gave fans a peek at the magazine cover on Instagram and captioned the post with a sweet message for his mom: "Nowt better than getting your ma to take the snap ❤️ Wonderland cover out now."

Frost posted the cover image on her Instagram account and said she was grateful for the opportunity to photograph her son and get some quality time in: "Working with Raff is always a joy - we are still not bored of exploring mama and son projects... i wanted to keep us all busy and creative in such weird times."

Frost captured some artistic shots for the magazine.Sadie Frost / Wonderland Magazine

In his interview with the magazine, Law discusses his experience filming "Twist," a new take on the Charles Dickens book "Oliver Twist."

“Twist was one of the most enjoyable and intense experiences I’ve ever had. It was a whirlwind,” he said. “The script and the cast blew me away. I was like, ‘The pressure is on. I really need to put in the time.’”

Law definitely got his heartthrob looks from his father.Sadie Frost / Wonderland Magazine

The young actor, who sings in the band Outer Stella Overdrive, also talks about the experience of having two famous parents while trying to navigate a career in Hollywood.

"I think there have been advantages and disadvantages to it," he said. "I’ve always focused on pursuing the things I love and proving to people that I’m hardworking."

You can read more of the interview, written by Anya Cooper and edited by editorial director, Huw Gwyther, in the summer issue of Wonderland Magazine. Sadie Frost / Wonderland Magazine

Looking ahead to his next career moves, Law says he's eager to "seize every opportunity I can" and said he always has his mother's words of wisdom in the back of his mind: "She goes out of her way to reach out to people (and) she’s always encouraged me to find my own path. Her kindness to everyone is something that I’ve grown up admiring and wanting to replicate."