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JoJo Siwa ditches ponytail and bow and shows wavy hair on TikTok

The YouTube star's fans are going wild over her latest video.
/ Source: TODAY

Is JoJo Siwa done with oversized bows and perky ponytails?

Not likely, but she did just give fans a rare glimpse at what her natural hair looks like.

Earlier this week, the 16-year-old challenged fans to help her reach 19 million TikTok followers in 24 hours. In return, she promised to let fans decide the theme of her next video.

While Siwa is currently just shy of 19 million followers (she has 18.8 million), she kept her promise and based her next video off of one fan's request, which asked her to "dress normal for a day."

The teen, who is known for her colorful fashion and larger-than-life hairstyles, started the video by showing off a series of her over-the-top outfits (think: sequins, animal print, rainbows and more). Then in the last frame, Siwa sheds her colorful persona and can be seen in a black T-shirt (OK, it does have a unicorn on it) and her naturally wavy hair on full display. The teen smiles and flips her hair over and in a split second, the video is over.

Siwa's fans rarely see her without one of her popular bows, but, as it turns out, they still like her toned down look.

“Wait- she looks like really good,” @kat_475 wrote, while @nicoletteclark commented “THIS DID NOT JUST HAPPEN OMG JOJO I LOVE IT.”

Many fans were shocked at Siwa’s sudden hair change. “i never thought i’d see the day,” @juliabentlyy wrote and @ajooyung_15 agreed: “OH MY GOD SHE RELEASED THE PONYTAIL.”

Siwa let her hair down in her latest TikTok video.
Siwa let her hair down in her latest TikTok video.TikTok

The next day, Siwa was back to wearing her sparkly bows and a pair of bedazzled leggings, posting another spirited TikTok video of herself dancing.


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Last spring, the internet star told NBC’s Natalie Morales her popular hair bows aren't just a fashion statement.

"It is not just a cute fun hair accessory; although it is a very cute, fun hair accessory. The bow for me is a sign of someone who is a good person, someone who is a Siwanator (a JoJo Siwa fan)," she said.

She went on to explain that there's a deeper meaning behind the colorful exterior of those bows: "So say you're at school and you don't really have someone to sit with at lunch but you see a kid or someone wearing a JoJo bow, you know that they're a Siwanator, which means that they're kind, they're nice, they're strong, they're powerful, they love everyone, they support everyone, they want to be your friend, they want to be everyone's friend."

The YouTube sensation has been sharing a lot of TikTok videos to keep her fans entertained while they're at home practicing social distancing, and home isn't a bad place to be for Siwa. The 16-year-old recently gave fans an inside look at her family's new mansion, which features a “fun room” stocked with mouthwatering sweets like gummy bears, bubble gum and chocolate.