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Jogger photobombs couple in hilarious engagement photos

Brooke Osborn and Patrick "Boomer" Twardak want to meet the man who made their photo shoot extra memorable.

A Chicago couple found themselves sharing their engagement photos with a passerby, whose shocked face is making waves on the internet.

An unexpected passerby ran into Brooke Osborn and Patrick "Boomer" Twardak's engagement photo shoot.Courtesy of Brooke Osborn and Patrick "Boomer" Twardak; photo by Kurt Gerber

For Brooke Osborn and her now-fiance, Patrick "Boomer" Twardak, it was an unassuming day when they decided to take a walk in the park.

"I had a feeling that a proposal was happening sometime soon, but I wasn't absolutely sure," Osborn told TODAY Style. "We were going to run errands later that day, and he said, 'Let's just go for a walk,' and I was like, 'Fine.'"

Osborn said that she wasn't prepared for the proposal at all. Twardak had asked her if she wanted to change her clothes, but she'd said no, thinking it was just a normal afternoon walk. "I was like, 'No, I don't care what people think I look like,'" she said, laughing. "So I had no makeup on, and workout clothes!"

The weather looked ominous on the day Osborn and Twardak got engaged.Courtesy of Brooke Osborn and Patrick "Boomer" Twardak

However, the weather almost spoiled Twardak's plan to propose. "The sky was purple," Osborn said. "I turned to Boomer, I was like, 'Why are we going on a walk? This does not make sense!' But he was like, 'Let's just go,' and he's the type of guy who when he gets something in his head he just really wants to do it, so I thought 'OK, he's on a mission. We're just going to go.'"

The couple took their dog, Stanley, even though he was "deadly afraid" of thunderstorms. While Osborn was hesitant, Twardak urged them onwards.

Patrick "Boomer" Twardak and Brooke Osborn posed for a family portrait with their dog Stanley, shortly after Twardak proposed to Osborn.Courtesy of Brooke Osborn and Patrick "Boomer" Twardak; photo by Kurt Gerber

The trio went to Lincoln Park, one of their favorite places to frequent with Stanley. Osborn said she'd been nervous entering the park, since almost everyone else was leaving — but then she started to wonder if he might be proposing.

"I started to realize, 'Wow, I think something is happening, but I'm not quite sure; maybe I'm just reading it like I have been, the past month or two, on every little thing,'" Osborn said. "So as we get to the bridge, he's like, 'Hey, can you hold Stanley, I want to get a picture of the two of you and the city,' and when he did he got down on one knee."

Oops! A jogger unexpectedly started to run by as Osborn and Twardak's engagement unfolded.Courtesy of Brooke Osborn and Patrick "Boomer" Twardak; photo by Kurt Gerber

Osborn said that she was in complete shock and didn't even realize that the jogger was nearby. Twardak didn't notice the jogger either, as he was too distracted by everything that was happening and less than a minute after he proposed, it started to rain.

It wasn't until their photographer, Kurt Gerber, sent them their photos that the couple realized what had happened.

"We have initial photos of the jogger entering the camera view, and the third photo was him with that pose," said Twardak.

According to Gerber, a photobomb during an engagement isn't completely unusual.

"People frequently don't have awareness of what's going on until they see the camera and the situation," Gerber told TODAY, recalling a similar situation from 2018, when another engagement photo shoot was interrupted."Someone within my company was like, you're the king of people running across your proposals."

But the couple don't seem to mind the interruption. "It was a really neat experience," said Twardak. "It didn't go exactly as planned, but in the end this has become kind of a phenomenon."

In addition to having a great story to share, Osborn and Twardak say they've rehired Gerber to take more photos for them on a future date. Until then, they're hoping that they can get in contact with the still-unidentified jogger.

"We'd still like to find the jogger or walker, because we want to invite him to our wedding," said Osborn.