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First lady Jill Biden wears navy version of inauguration night dress

Her original dress from January in white made a powerful statement of unity.
President Biden Delivers First Address To Joint Session Of Congress
Biden waves as she arrives at a joint session of Congress for President Joe Biden's first address to the body.Jim Watson / AFP/Bloomberg via Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

First lady Jill Biden wore a darker version of her inauguration outfit to President Joe Biden's first address to Congress on Wednesday night.

Vanessa Friedman, the fashion director of The New York Times, reported the first lady went back to her friend, fashion designer Gabriela Hearst, for her April 28 look.

side by side comparison of jill biden in two dresses, one navy and one ivory.
Biden revisited the same look she wore to the inauguration in January.AFP/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Early Thursday, Hearst shared details about the replica garment, revealing it was intended as a design for Jill Biden to wear to the presidential inauguration of her husband and the first lady kept it to use for a later date.

“The Silk Wool dress (and mask) was made entirely of existing fabrics,” Hearst wrote on Instagram. “Made and embroidered in New York. It was originally used to fit the inauguration one. The First Lady requested to salvage for another occasion. Double repurposed. New is not always better..”

Hearst, born and raised in Uruguay, is known for her focus on sustainable fashion.

In January, she explained that the materials used for the original gown were "existing available fabrics to minimize the impact on the environment."

At the time of Biden's inauguration, the first lady's spokesperson explained that the embroidery on her ivory coat and dress reflected all of the state flowers of the United States, its territories and the District of Columbia. Her spokesperson told the press pool it was an intentional gesture signaling the importance of national unity.

The navy design the first lady wore Thursday night featured the same embroidery, a representative for Hearst confirmed to TODAY.

In an Instagram post from January with photos of the original dress, Hearst said the state flower of Delaware was embroidered at the first lady's heart, with all other flowers branching out.

Naomi Biden, one of the president's grandchildren, seemed to approve of the revamped look on Wednesday.

"Normally she’s the one grading, but tonight Dr. B is getting an A+," she tweeted, with a screenshot of the first lady.

Vice President Kamala Harris donned a peach Prabal Gurung suit and ivory silk charmeuse camisole for the event on Wednesday. Gurung, an immigrant from Nepal who was born in Singapore, confirmed her styling on his official Twitter account.

"Made in New York City, at the Prabal Gurung Atelier, and designed for powerful moments in history," he wrote.

Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi did make history on Wednesday, becoming the first two women to share the stage during a presidential address of Congress.

It was a moment the president was sure to acknowledge at the beginning of his speech, greeting them with “Madam Speaker” and “Madam Vice President.”

"No president has ever said those words ... and it’s about time," he added.