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Jennifer Lopez shares behind-the-scenes video of her viral Versace runway moment

Take an inside look at her major fashion moment.
/ Source: TODAY

After wowing fans with a showstopping appearance at Milan Fashion Week on Sept. 20, Jennifer Lopez is giving a behind-the-scenes look at her unforgettable turn on the catwalk.

In a new video, the "Hustlers" star gives fans an inside look at the days leading up to her surprise appearance at the Spring 2020 Versace fashion show. She also shares some fun footage of the moments following her incredible walk down the runway.

As the video begins, the singer meets with Donatella Versace to discuss the designer's vision for her appearance. Nearly 20 years ago, Lopez wore an iconic green Versace dress to the Grammy Awards, and the designer created an updated version of the gown for her latest collection.

Lopez looks better than ever!
Lopez looks better than ever!Jennifer Lopez/ Youtube

While two decades have passed since Lopez first wore the original green dress, Versace says the 50-year-old has only gotten better with time: "Darling, your body is better now. I mean, it's insane."

While getting fitted for the dress, the fashionista offers her own tailoring suggestions and even adds, "Make sure the lighting out there makes my legs look good."

The video follows the actress as she gets ready on the day of the show, and captures a candid backstage moment with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, during which Lopez reveals that she'll be filming a new movie in New York soon.

"What's the movie?" Wintour asks.

"It's called 'Marry Me,'" Lopez says with a slight smirk.

"That's appropriate," Wintour says to the engaged star.

Versace watches in the background and says, "She's gorgeous. I can't stop looking at you," about Lopez.

Lopez is clearly Versace's muse for her latest collection.
Lopez is clearly Versace's muse for her latest collection.Jennifer Lopez/ Youtube

When show time finally arrives, the 50-year-old takes a quick moment to shoot a live video for her social media followers.

"Twenty years ago, I wore a certain dress and I kind of made a little bit of a splash, I would say, at that time," she says, putting it mildly. "And right now we're about to have another moment in Milan Fashion Week. That's all I'm gonna say."

It was an exciting moment for the singer!
It was an exciting moment for the singer!Jennifer Lopez/ Youtube

She then struts down the runway, shuts down the house and poses with Versace for a final round of applause.

What a moment!
What a moment!Jennifer Lopez/ Youtube

Afterward, Lopez basks in the glory of her moment then says, "Let's eat, I'm tired" before slipping into another design from Versace's collection and dancing the night away at the after-party.

Lopez posed with Versace and her fellow runway models.
Lopez posed with Versace and her fellow runway models.Jennifer Lopez/ Youtube

Way to go, J.Lo!