Jennifer Lawrence makes Emma Watson talk to the hand in funny photos

What if "Hunger Games'" Katniss Everdeen and "Harry Potter's" Hermione Granger were BFFs who hung out at fashion shows together? Well, that fanfic fantasy will have to wait ... but it doesn't mean their real-life portrayers can't get friendly and silly together at Paris Fashion Week.

Rindoff/Dufour / Today
Jennifer Lawrence has Emma Watson read her palm in Paris.

Thank designer Dior, who dressed both stars and gave them seats on either side of the company's CEO Sidney Toledano during its haute couture show Monday.

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Rindoff/Dufour / Today
No, really, take a closer look. What do you see?

Naturally, with JLaw in the mix, goofiness had to prevail, so after she gave her fellow film heroine a hug ... she had her talk to the hand.

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