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Jennifer Aniston reveals the haircut she'll never get again

Jennifer Aniston has rocked many trendy hairstyles over the years, but here's one she won't get again.
/ Source: TODAY

America’s BFF Jennifer Aniston is known for many things: her starring role in the beloved ‘90s sitcom “Friends,” her strong words for body-shamers and, of course, her silky strands.

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Over the years, the actress and Living Proof spokeswoman has rocked some iconic styles — from shaggy layers to blunt toffee-blond locks.

In 2015, Aniston confessed to Glamour that she “was not a fan of ‘The Rachel.’ That was kind of cringe-y for me ... I needed (my hairstylist) Chris (McMillan) attached to my hip."

We weren’t surprised to hear that the ultimate girl next door prefers to keep her mane more low maintenance. But what did shock us is the one ‘do she won’t wear. Hint: It’s the hottest hairstyle in Hollywood (ahem, Mila Kunis and Kerry Washington).

Jennifer Aniston at the 27th Annual People's Choice Awards in 2001.SGranitz / WireImage

During a recent interview with Allure, when asked what look she’d never sport, Aniston replied: "I've never liked the bob. I always want them, and then when I get them, I'm like, 'What? Why did you let me do it?'“

Her reasoning? The cut works against her naturally wavy hair. “I just don't know how to style it very well. So hence me having to say (to my hairstylist), 'Chris, please come help me with my hair.'"

This latest tress revelation is just another example of Aniston’s laid-back approach to beauty that makes her so relatable.