Jared Leto's Oscar hair plans? He might sport the 'wet look'

Actor Jared Leto's gorgeous ombre hair is the envy of many a lady.

Jared Leto’s Jordan Catalano mesmerized "My So-Called Life" groupies in the ‘90s with his pretty, pretty face, and now the actor has a new legion of fans — for his hair.

The "Dallas Buyers Club” nominee’s enviable strands — which have become famous in their own right on Twitter — have caught the attention of A-list celebrities, according to the star’s hairstylist.

“It's been hard to have him not end up on the 'best hair' lists — and that definitely hasn't been our intention,” Chase Kusero told Into the Gloss. “We've even had all these actresses, like Olivia Wilde and Rachel Bilson and Julia Roberts, asking about his hair. He does have amazing hair, so it's kind of inevitable.”

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Leto has been letting his ombre mane lay loose of late, but at the Golden Globes, he opted for an effortlessly chic man bun, the type of hairstyle usually sported by fashion bloggers and lazy ballerinas. So what can the public expect at the Academy Awards this Sunday?  

"The only thing I can say is that right now I'm all about the 'wet look,’” hinted Kusero. “All bets are off.” 

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The wet look, as you may recall, was last sported by Beyonce at the Grammys. (Also, by me, when I’ve overslept.) It’s been rather popular on Fashion Week runways, and despite its moniker, it’s actually achieved through oils and gels, not water.

Jared Leto, with hair pulled back, is all smiles backstage with his award for best supporting actor in a motion picture for his role in "Dallas Buyers Club" at the 2014 Golden Globes.
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The wet hair look, as seen on the runway during the Cedric Charlier show in Paris on Tuesday.

Kusero promised that, no matter what, he will not be a Delilah to Leto’s Samson this award season, which is a relief. "(Jared and I) were going to shock everybody and show up for the Academy Awards with a haircut, but it’s looking so good that we don’t really want to cut it … The big thing on my shoulders right now is if the hair is gonna be up or down — I’m voting up, because we’ve only done it maybe once before.”

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It seems a lot goes into managing Leto’s hair. Even with such lustrous locks, Kusero has concerns:

“It’s really important that he doesn’t look like a woman — that’s the biggest challenge.”