Hey, ladies! It's the face bra, because we need yet another thing to hoist us up

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face bra claims to diminish laugh lines

Just when we thought we'd seen it all in the cultural quest for ageless beauty: Now there's a bra for your face. Yes, the Japanese, those notorious purveyors of completely outlandish beauty treatments (snail facial, anyone?), are out with the "Hourei Lift Bra," meant to minimize the effects of aging on the face.

Here's how it works (or claims to work): Slide the band of the $40 contraption over the back of your head, and fit the frame easily onto your nose. The curving silicone rubber pieces are meant to feel comfortable, and the design is meant to minimize pressure on your cheeks, according to a detailed Daily Mail report. Ideally, you'll also do mouth exercises while strapped into your facial bra.

All this purports to minimize the look of laugh lines. While we wouldn't mind looking younger—who wouldn't? — we're drawing the line (so to speak) at wearing the equivalent of an underwire bra on our face. We're no boobs.

Of course, the face bra is hardly the most ridiculous product with anti-aging claims we've seen. For starters, there's SkyMall's wetsuit-looking Facetrainer—and a whole host of other bizarre gadgets.

No thanks, we're opting out of all this nonsense. And besides, our laugh lines are well earned!

Would you try a face bra if it might reduce the signs of aging?

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