Fed up with carry-on charges? This jacket lets you wear your luggage instead

Courtesy Jaktogo / Today
This Jacket Suitcase Lets You Avoid Carry-On Fees

When airlines first started charging for checked suitcases, travelers were forced to figure out how to cram a week’s worth of clothes into a single carry-on bag. And now, as carriers such as Frontier, Spirit and Allegiant begin making passengers pony-up for carry-ons, too, some travelers are getting creative to beat the system.

Enter the Jaktogo, a suitcase-jacket hybrid with stealthy pockets that, according to its manufacturer, are big enough to fit three shirts, three pairs of pants, three boxers, three T-shirts, three pairs of socks, a hooded sweatshirt, a laptop, shoes and a large towel. (Do people really pack large towels?)

At any rate, it holds up to 22 pounds, can be folded into a bag or worn like a coat and rings up at $109.99. There’s also a “lady version,” called the Dresstogo, that hides six pockets under a balloon skirt and sells for $93.99. You wouldn’t want to wear it out on a first date, but wearing it on your trip will save you money for cocktails once you reach your destination!

Dislike sleeves? You might prefer the Ponchotogo, $93.99, which is ideal, the company says, for travel to “warm climate destinations.” Denim and leather styles run between $240 and $320.

True, carry-on bag fees generally hover around $25, but if you’re a frequent traveler—and don’t care how you look, like, at all—this may be your next luggage splurge. Just please take pictures. Your Facebook friends insist.

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