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'It's a home run!' Woman cuts 14 inches off her hair for chic fall look

Fall always seems to bring a new energy to the style stratosphere. So what better time for a hair refresh than right now!
/ Source: TODAY

Maybe it's the changing temperatures and the semi-annual closet swap out, but fall always seems to bring a new energy to the style stratosphere. So what better time for a hair refresh than right now!

Three lucky ladies put their gorgeous tresses in the hands of Louis Licari and Rodney Cutler of the Licari Cutler Salon to find the perfect cut and color for their face shape and the results were jaw dropping.

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First up is Alexandra Dubrak. She donated over a foot of her long locks and Rodney created a shoulder-length style full of body and movement.

Dramatic Hair Makeovers

Louis added some darker tones near the hairline to accentuate her oval shaped face and kept with the trend of deeper golds for fall adding texture throughout.

Dramatic Hair Makeovers
To show how hairstyling can bring out the best from different face shapes, Louis Licari and Rodney Cutler from the Licari-Cutler Salon show off three women to whom they gave dramatic hair makeovers for fall. One woman had 14 inches of hair cut off, which she donated.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

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Next up is Natalie Reid. Going natural is big for anyone with beautifully textured hair. Louis stayed close to Natalie's natural black hair darkening it just a bit.

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Dramatic Hair Makeovers

Rodney worked her hair back away from her face to emphasize her eyes and cheek bones creating a leaner looking face.

Dramatic Hair Makeovers
Natalie's natural hair perfectly complements her rounded face shape. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Finally, we have Jeannine Carson. Louis transformed her black locks and created silky chocolate-colored tones throughout to create a touchable effortless look.

Dramatic Hair Makeovers
Nathan Congleton / TODAY

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Rodney perfected the look with a sleek bob just at the jawline. This style balanced out her oblong face and the layers add an extra dimension of movement.

Dramatic Hair Makeovers
Jeannine's dramatic cut is emphasizes her elongated face shape with soft, movable texture. Nathan Congleton / TODAY

All three ladies look gorgeous with their new styles — congratulations!