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The internet cannot get over this dark, sexy mother-of-the-bride dress

It's not what you'd expect.
Etsy mother-of-the-bride dress
This sexy "mother-of-the-bride" gown is causing quite a
/ Source: TODAY

If you've ever dreamed of stealing the show at your child's wedding, one Etsy vendor has just the gown to help you make some major waves.

Bulgarian designer Tonena is selling a slinky "mother-of-the-bride" dress complete with an open back, plunging neckline, sheer material and sassy feathers for the mom who wants her own moment in the spotlight. And after Twitter user @_sashayed poked fun at the sexy design yesterday, Twitter users can't stop commenting on the totally nontraditional gown.

Make sure you get my best

It all started when @_sashayed, who co-hosts a hockey podcast, noted how unusual it is to find such a blatantly sexy gown marketed for a mother of the bride. Plus, the dark and moody number doesn't automatically read "wedding attire," which typically consists of pastels and romantic hues.

After her initial post garnered quite a comedic reaction from followers, @_sashayed couldn't help but imagine the horrified reaction wedding guests might have if they saw a mother of the bride show up in this sexy dress.

And Twitter users had a lot of fun providing colorful commentary on the revealing $2,390 dress.

Most users agreed the look was a wee bit much.

And some couldn't help but think the dress looked like something a certain "Addams Family" matriarch might wear.

The dress spawned many a meme, of course.

And inspired people to channel their inner drama.

The LBD made many people think of stereotypically sexy moms from popular films.

And some real-life moms took the opportunity to horrify their own children.

As it turns out, Tonena has another similar design selling for $1,340, you know, if you're on a budget.

So if one of these designs sells out fast, at least you have a backup plan in place.

Whether the dress is your style or not, one thing's for sure: The reaction you'd get from wearing this dress would surely be priceless.