'Instagram husbands' unite over constant social media photos

/ Source: TODAY

For anyone who's ever had to take photo after photo of a loved one just to get that perfect Instagram shot, we feel you.

All that clicking can be exhausting — but now, there's a support group just for you. Meet the "Instagram husbands," the real heroes behind the camera, according to a hilarious video poking fun at those perfectly curated social media snapshots of fashionistas skipping through the park or sipping a latte. (Totally candid, of course.)

The clip, from "The Mystery Hour," a late-night talk show in Springfield, Missouri, features men following their girlfriends or wives around, indulging every photo request. But in an interview with TODAY.com, the show's host Jeff Houghton was quick to clarify that Instagram husbands can refer to "anyone who has to begrudgingly take photos of a loved one for the sake of Instagram."

"My name's Jeff and I'm an Instagram husband," Houghton says in the video. "Behind every cute girl on Instagram, there's a guy like me. And a brick wall."

"I'm basically a human selfie stick," another self-proclaimed Instagram husband explains.

Jeff Houghton fulfilling his duties as an 'Instagram husband.'The Mystery Hour / Youtube

Houghton said real-life experience is what inspired the sketch. "It's an exaggerated version of my wife and me," he said. "I think I was begrudgingly taking a picture of her and I just thought, what about all these other guys who do this?"

"We thought maybe it could catch on, but nothing like this," Houghton added of the video's instant popularity.

The spot-on spoof reminds us of another viral Instagram parody: the account "Fashion Dads," which posted photos of dad jeans, white sneakers and flannels with hilariously high-fashion captions.