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Innovative jewelry to help you think outside the box

From reversible necklaces to kitschy collars, TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas highlights accessories you can use to update what you already own.
/ Source: TODAY contributor

Madonna’s ‘express yourself’ mantra has never been more en vogue. And thanks to new inventive accessories, you can start thinking outside the (jewelry) box. From quadruple-duty earrings to multi-tasking bands, TODAY Style Editor and's Bobbie Thomas highlights transformative pieces that can help you update what you already own.


I'm a huge fan of versatility, and convertible accents can help you get more bang for your buck. Lia Sophia’s Quattro 4-in-1 earrings can make an edgy statement or break down to a simple stud. A smart buy that offers multiple looks, perfect for a day to night transition or travel ($88; ). Hidalgo's Diamonique Sterling Micropave Studs are classics with a quick change option. You can go for simple sparkle with just the stud or amp up the bling factor with a choice of jackets, available in silver, gold, rose gold and black. The brand also offers Diamonique Sterling Enamel Charm Hoops that can be mixed and matched to go with any ensemble ($80- $99.75; And for ladies who don’t have pierced that want an alternative to clip-ons, how about some slip-ons? Lisa Dora's Non-Pierced Earring Solutions are a clever solution that slides onto your ear. The hoop design looks effortless and allows for a variety of styles ($22-$75;

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Looking to maximize your metals? Steel by Design's Reversible 8mm Omega necklace flips from gold on one side to silver on the other ($35; For the creatures of habit who tend to wear the same pendant every day but long for the versatility that comes with more than one option, consider Kendra Phillip's double duty styles . You can instantly switch things up when you reverse the dual plated pendant featured on a variety of necklaces and bracelets ($68-$75; Lastly, if your go-to bracelet is a hair band (as so many of us with a few extra inches of hair are guilty of) Goody’s new line of DoubleWear aims to solve your dilemma with embellished elastics meant to be hair or jewelry items that look like simple gold or silver accented bracelets or necklaces that then transform into either a ponytail holders or headbands ($4.99, Eureka! Why did it take this long to think of that?!


Sometimes it can be hard to find (and afford) all of the pieces to go along with our many moods. Whether you’re indecisive or just eager to personalize your jewelry, you can create limitless looks with adaptable brands. JewelPops by Khameleon are little gems that literally "pop" in and out of ring and earring bases to offer endless possibilities ($29-$49, Switchgear Kits ($24.50-$79, are smart all-in-one containers with everything you need to make custom earring and necklaces, so you can DIY to your heart’s content. And Unique Kreations wire wrapped earring bases are designed to easily slip charms on and off, so you can focus on the stones and charms you wish to collect ($3-$40,


Detachable collars seem to be making a chic return thanks to the current retro ‘ladylike’ wave. Swap a statement necklace this season for a crochet bib, pussybow scarf, or even soft bowtie to update your neckline. You can find a range of assorted collar styles and accents from sweet to sassy at ,, and . Western-inspired ‘tips’ can also add a spin to a basic button-down. Seen on Balenciaga’s recent runway, the small metal triangle accents simply slip onto the tips of your collar ($8-$27, ).

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Aside from jewelry, an accessory that adds a ‘layer’ can instantly change an entire outfit giving you a new shape, or shift in style. More than your average belt, BCBG's fringe versions can transform something you already own. Try wearing over a basic dress, skirt or even a tunic ($58-$78, Akira's Athena bodychain may look intimidating to some, but it can actually be sophisticated. Try slipping this ‘vest’ over a pretty blouse or even a simple t-shirt and then top with a blazer. And multi-purpose wraps are great investments too, the Donna Tassel Belt can be used as a necklace, belt, or bracelet ($14.90-24.90,