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'I'm so offended!' Watch this woman's epic rant about 'granny' bras

/ Source: TODAY

Chardé Heremaia is in the market for something simple: a pretty bra.

But when she went shopping for one in her size, it proved to be anything but a simple task.

bra rantYouTube / Charde Heremaia

"I'm just at Kmart looking for some new bras," she told her followers in a now-viral video on YouTube. "I've come to find some bras 'cause I'm a FF and plagued with big boobs."

The best fit she could find was still a bit too small. It was an F cup, and it wasn't exactly attractive — or as she put it: "It is [bleeping] ugly!'

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(Warning: This video contains strong language!)

From there, Heremaia launched into an epic bra rant and declared that she was "so offended" that affordable retailers only seem to offer what she calls plain "granny bras" in bigger sizes.

"Us younger ones, we like to be a bit of saucy minx every now and again," she said. "I've had it up to here!"

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She suggested retailers get their [bleep] together and fix the situation, because she's "really done with the black, cream and white bras."

Heremaia just wants something cute. "OK?!"

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