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'Oh, babe, you look fantastic!' Husband can't believe wife's Ambush Makeover

It's Patty's "year of transformation," and she's kicking off a new chapter in her life with a new look!
/ Source: TODAY

It was an extra-chilly day on the plaza Thursday, but our Ambush Makeover team of celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY Style Squad guru Jill Martin found two ladies who were ready to go out with the old and in with the new.

Patty Pedone

Patty Pedone's dream for an Ambush Makeover finally came true, and she looked fabulous! TODAY

2018 is Patty Pedone's "year of transformation." This 56-year-old from Huntsville, Alabama, has dreamed of getting an Ambush Makeover. She braved the cold with her husband, LeRoy, in hopes of making her dreams a reality.

"Oh, babe, you look fantastic, love!" said LeRoy. "You look wonderful, hon."

"I love it! I absolutely love it!" said Pedone. "Thank you! Thank you!"

Hoda Kotb couldn't help but add, "You look gorgeous!"

Igor Musayev gave Pedone a layered haircut and Licari added a few highlights to brighten up her face. For the outfit, Martin dressed her in dark jeans and a red blazer — the perfect outfit for Pedone, who is seeing a Broadway show with her husband tonight.

She's about to go to the theater looking better than ever!

Anne Streeter

Anne Streeter tried to get an Ambush Makeover 10 years ago, but today was the day she was finally selected!

This wasn't Anne Streeter's first time coming to the plaza. This 66-year-old previously tried to get selected for an Ambush Makeover 10 years ago, but she wasn't chosen then. However, today was her lucky day.

The Liberty, Kentucky, resident had been planning this trip to the plaza for four years with her granddaughter Kailey. The two of them couldn't have been more excited!

Kailey was absolutely shocked as soon as her grandma walked out. She couldn't even speak.

Streeter's granddaughter couldn't believe her eyes! TODAY

"It doesn't look like me!" said Streeter as soon as she looked in the mirror. "It's wonderful!"

"You look so beautiful!" added Jenna Bush Hager.

Licari added some variation in Streeter's hair color by brightening the top and darkening the bottom. Musayev gave her a sassy haircut and Edin O'Sullivan finished it off with beautiful makeup.

To finish off Streeter's extra-glam look, Martin styled her in a cold-shoulder dress.

Now this is a glam-ma!