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This dress lets you channel your inner 'Pretty Woman' ... if you're into that

Why, ASOS? We want the fairy tale!
/ Source: TODAY

We love “Pretty Woman.” Love. It falls squarely on the list of films we can’t flip past whenever it’s on TV, which means we’ve seen it roughly 87,000 times.

But unlike, say, “Clueless” (which shares the same distinction), “Pretty Woman” isn’t exactly known for inspiring fashion envy. The main character is literally a sex worker. She’s a lovely person and we don’t judge her life path, but that’s not a look we’re trying to channel for ourselves.

Apparently, ASOS thinks we are. Because they’ve teamed up with Hunza G, the brand behind the original “Pretty Woman” dress, to bring us … basically the exact same dress. Plastic thigh-high boots optional.

ASOS is selling a dress that looks exactly like the one Julia Roberts wore in the Rodeo Drive shopping scene in "Pretty Woman."
But can we buy Julia Roberts' irresistible grin? That we'd consider!ASOS/Shutterstock

Why, ASOS? We want the fairy tale!

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Clearly, the folks at Hunza G didn’t think this dress was a “big mistake. Big. Huge.” According to the brand's website, its appearance in the film actually launched the brand (then known as Hunza) to success back in 1990.

We kind of get it. Whose blood didn't boil on behalf of sweet Vivian in that famous Rodeo Drive shopping scene?

In recent years, Hunza G has focused more on swimwear, which is the focus of their capsule collection for ASOS. The revealing piece is being marketed as a beach dress, which makes more sense if you disregard awkward tan lines aside.

It’s also $215, though — considerably more than we’d spend on a cover-up. And it only comes in one size, which seems suspect despite the appearance of the forgiving popcorn fabric we all know and love.

Not to mention, there's the lingering threat of that hot metal ring against our sandy stomachs.

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What do you think? Do you "have to to go shopping now?" Or are you "obviously in the wrong place?"