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How to style curly hair in 5 easy steps

Go from wet to perfectly styled in no time.
/ Source: TODAY

Content creator Joslyn Davis has spent more than 30 years trying to tame her curls — she's tried flat ironing, blow drying and many, many, many other methods to fight it. But this year, she's finally embracing her curly hair thanks to NBC's Simone Boyce.

The two have similar hair textures and met via Instagram, where Boyce had reached out to send advice to a curly hair rookie.

"I never knew that it could look put-together, I guess?" Davis said. "And I think honestly people just don't know how to manage it, or what to do."

Boyce shared her tips on how to style curly hair from wet to dry.

"With curly hair, you really never stop learning about it," she explained. "It's always a journey. I like to say every curly-haired woman is a chemist, because you learn about the right calculations of water and air and wind and heat, and how all of that translates into the curls that you like to wear."

How to style curly hair

  • 1. Detangling

Boyce recommends wetting your curls first. A busy morning may not include time for a full shower, but spritzing your hair with water from a spray bottle makes a great refresher. Wetting the hair will make it easier for the products you apply to absorb, giving a light, effortless curl.

"You don't want your hair to be, like, so saturated with product," Davis said, as Boyce sprayed her hair. "Like the '90s."

"We don't want the '90s to call us and tell us they want their hairstyles back," Boyce said with a laugh.

Boyce then discussed two options for brushing out your curls — a wide-toothed comb or a brush. She explained that her curls tend to be tighter when using a comb, but that may vary based on curl type. Choosing the comb, she got to work brushing through Davis' hair, working from the ends up to detangle.

  • 2. Conditioning

The next step is conditioning. Boyce put a quarter-sized amount of leave-in conditioner, making sure to coat each strand of hair, and instructed Davis to scrunch up her hair.

  • 3. Drying

Boyce said that her favorite way to dry curly hair is to simply let it air-dry, but you might not want to spend the day walking around with wet hair. When you're looking for a fast option that won't leave your hair frizzy, Boyce recommends using a diffuser attachment on a blow dryer, working with a warm temperature and low speed.

"If you go in there, and you've got it on a high speed, you're going to get a lot of flyaways," she explained.

She also said that it's best to dry the front pieces of your hair first to create a more uniform look: so do the front right, then the front left and continue working your way back.

  • 4. Styling

"These have become my two best friends," Boyce said, taking out two curling irons. While using curling irons to style curls may sound excessive, Boyce explained that they allow her to create more definition or clean up certain parts of the style. She uses both a "super-tiny" and "medium-sized" iron.

She started styling by separating hair into pieces, and then taking the curling iron and following the natural pattern of the curl.

On Davis' hair, she created bigger waves to frame the face and then smaller curls throughout.

Davis loved the style, gushing over it as soon as she looked in the mirror.

  • 5. Perfecting

Even though Davis was already in love with her look, Boyce recommends one more step: adding some additional product to fight frizz.

"Curly hair loves moisture," she emphasized, working her way through Davis' hair with a hair paste. The moisture again allows for less frizz and more control over the look overall.

She also recommends using oil, first by spraying it into your palm and rubbing it on your hands and applying it to your hair that way, rather than risking applying too much by directly spraying it on.

"With the oil, it's great to get it on your ends," she explained, pointing out that the ends tend to be the dryest part of the hair.

To finish up, she had Davis run her hands through her hair and play with it.

"This feels very natural, and soft," Davis said, while admiring her newly defined curls.