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The 2-second trick that will help you restring a hoodie without stress

No need to get all strung out just because the drawstring has come out of your favorite hoodie.
Restring a hoodie in seconds. Here's how.
Anna De Souza / TODAY
/ Source: TODAY

Our hoodies, joggers and pajama pants have all had fateful tumbles in the dryer that lead to a tangled web of drawstrings, tying random socks and pant legs together into one giant mess. If only we could trade in the time of detangling and restringing and put it towards something slightly more entertaining — say, folding laundry.

Luckily, all you need to quickly pull some strings is a straw and a stapler! This method is much faster than using a safety pin; with a straw, you'll cover more ground, faster. We're talking seconds, not minutes.

Now you can now use your full concentration for something much more productive, like starting a new game of Words with Friends.

What you'll need:

  • Straw
  • Stapler
  • Less time!

What you'll do:

1. Insert one end of the drawstring into the straw, making sure to insert about 1/2 inch beyond the aglet (that's the plastic or metal that covers the end of laces).

Make sure to staple through the soft cotton thread and not the aglet.Anna De Souza

2. Staple through the cotton drawstring.

By our (very approximate) calculations, this method is at least 9.43 times faster than using a safety pin!Anna De Souza

3. Feed the straw through the eyelet and gently push it through the fabric "tunnel." Gather and smooth as you go along until the straw reaches the opposite eyelet.

4. Once it's through, gently remove the staple from the drawstring. And maybe tie a knot at each end to avoid this issue in the first place.

Much easier, right? Hope we were able to pull some strings for you!