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How to put on a bracelet yourself, no existential meltdown required

Pull yourself together — or rather, the ends of your bracelet together — with this simple trick starring a paper clip.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes it’s the small, everyday inconveniences that bring us face to face with our mortality.

Not to be overdramatic, but nothing says "we all die alone" quite like wrestling with the clasp on a bracelet. Seconds turn into minutes; minutes turn into an existential sob-fest on the bathroom floor. It’s a quick downward spiral. We’ve been there.

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Well, pull yourself together — or rather, pull the ends of your bracelet together — with this simple trick that’s so easy, it's shocking that it hasn't become common knowledge sooner.

The unlikely hero of this story? A paper clip!

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Step 1: Simply unfold the clip into an S-shape and hook one end through the clasp.

Anna De Souza / TODAY

Step 2: Hold the other end of the paper clip in your bracelet hand, keeping the it stable as possible.

Anna De Souza / TODAY

Step 3: Next, fasten the clasp with your free hand and slide off the paper clip. And voila!

Anna De Souza / TODAY

Super easy, right? See, there's no need to get bent out of shape. Leave that part to the paper clip.

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Don't have a paper clip handy? Try the tape trick below!

You might still die alone, but you won’t die unaccessorized.

Now that would be tragic.

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