How often should you wash jeans, duvet cover, hair?

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By Carole Nicksin

You know you've wondered: Just how long is too long to wait to wash your jeans?

Nina Willdorf from All You magazine answers a handful of questions you ask yourself all the time: How often should you wash your duvet cover, jeans, bra and hair? 

Duvet cover: Once a month
If you don't use a top sheet, you should wash your cover once a week since it is coming in direct contact with your body and thus accumulates dirt, dead skin and body oil. 

Jeans: After 4-5 wears
Over-washing can cause them to wear out prematurely. Turn jeans inside out and wash in cold water, then drip dry. If you hate that stiff feeling you get after a drip-dry, run a hot iron with lots of steam on them to make the fabric nice and soft again. Designer jeans can go a bit longer without a wash.

Bras: Up to 3-4 wears
A general rule is that you should never wear the same bra two days in a row, because elastic needs time to reshape. Have a rotation of a few bras and give each one at least 24 hours to recover before wearing it again. With proper rotation, bras can last 3-4 wears between each wash.

Hair: Every other day
Washing your hair every day strips your strands of natural oils, so it's best to shampoo every other day at most, for men and women (if it works for your particular hair!). If you’re prone to oily roots, spray or sprinkle dry shampoo as a refresher to soak up grease. 

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