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How to make your own eco-friendly dryer sheets

It's reusable, cost effective and so much easier than you think.
/ Source: TODAY

We're betting Downy doesn't want you to know that you can make your own eco-friendly dryer sheets.

It's reusable, cost effective and so much easier than you think. All you need are items you already have laying around, and you can help save the Earth while keeping your wallet full. It's a win-win!

We love that you can customize this trick to your liking, too, by changing which solution you use on the sheets. We opted for hand towels and fabric softener, since it can fight the pesky static cling that glues socks to sweaters and keeps flowy tops from, well, flowing.

Alternatively you can use vinegar and essential oils (to give an extra clean and add a nice smell respectively) with old T-shirts, sponges or even coffee filters as your dryer sheets.

What you'll need:

  • Several small hand towels, sponges or reusable fabric wipes
  • A jar big enough for towels, ideally a glass or plastic jar with metal clasps or a mason jar
  • 1 cup fabric softener
  • 1 cup water

What you'll do:

1. Mix one part fabric softener with one part water.

DIY dryer sheets
How simple is that?Anna De Souza

2. Stir to mix.

3. Roll hand towels and tuck them into the jar. They'll slowly absorb the liquid. The best part: You'll only need a few since they're reusable!

DIY dryer sheets
You can reuse them almost indefinitely, which is great for Mother Earth.Anna De Souza

4. Wring out excess liquid before tossing a towel into a load in the dryer.

Once you empty your dryer, you can pop the towel back into the jar, or start over at step one to replenish your stash. Can we get a high-five, Mother Earth?

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