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This 1 trick will make sure off-the-shoulder tops stay in place

Always tugging to reposition your off-shoulder top? Try this trick.
No more tugging and fussing!
No more tugging and fussing!Anna De Souza
/ Source: TODAY

Of all the items in our closet, off-the-shoulder tops and dresses win the gold medal for fussiness. If the look wasn't so charming and trendy, we would have called it quits a long time ago.

Alas, we saw a genius trick online and had to give it a whirl — and it really works! All you need are hair ties and safety pins to keep the top exactly where you want it.

You're basically constructing a bungee that will lay underneath your armpit and keep your shoulders cold, whether you're reaching for something in your bag or lifting your arms for something from the top shelf.

What you'll need:

  • Hair ties (2)
  • Safety pins (4)
All you need to keep your off-shoulder top in place is a few hair ties and safety pins.Anna De Souza

What you'll do:

1. Loop one hair tie through a safety pin.

2. Secure a second safety pin on the other side of the hair tie. It will look a bit like a bungee cord with safety pins on the outside and elastic in the middle.

It's easier than you think!Anna De Souza

3. Fasten one safety pin to the inside elastic or seam of the shirt (so it will be invisible from the outside), right at the front of your armpit. Attach the second safety pin to the back.

This bungee goes under your armpit - and it'll prevent your top from riding back up your shoulder.Anna De Souza

4. Don't forget the other side of the shirt!

5. When dressing, weave your arm over the elastic and through the sleeve so the the hair tie rests under your armpit.

No more tugging and fussing!Anna De Souza

Pro tip: Look for softer hair ties, ideally without the metal fastener, for more comfort.

And you're set!