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How to make sure your headphones never get tangled again

Avoid your next meltdown with this easy way to keep your cords untangled.

by Anna De Souza / / Source: TODAY

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Does this sound familiar?

Your phone rings in a public place, so you dig into your bag or pocket. There's the phone, but where are your headphones? Got them! Can I plug them in and slide the buds into my ears before it stops ringing? Of course not, they're twisted into a knot!

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The last chore you need is a tangled mess of wires. Luckily, there's a smarter way to wrap your headphones so they'll be stowed away neatly and unravel painlessly. While it takes a little practice at first, this method will quickly become second nature and should take you all of 15 seconds.

Cut ties once and for all with mangled, twisted cords!

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What you'll need:

  • Fingers
  • Wired headphones

What you'll do:

1. Make an "L" shape with your thumb and forefinger.

 The only tools you'll need! Anna De Souza / TODAY

2. Drape the jack slightly off your palm; you'll need the slack later.

3. Wrap the wire in a figure eight, alternating around your thumb and forefinger.

 The cord should cross over itself in between your fingers. Anna De Souza / TODAY

4. Pinch the wire in the middle of the figure eight and wiggle the wires off your fingers.

5. Wrap the slack around the middle twice.

 Think of all the time you'll save on untangling! Anna De Souza / TODAY

6. Tuck the end into one of the loops.

Sure, it definitely takes a bit more time than just tossing headphones into your purse or pocket, but we promise you'll save the time and aggravation in the long run. And that's music to our earbuds, err, ears!

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