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Running late? This ironing hack will fix your wrinkled shirt in half the time

There's a domino effect that's triggered when your wrinkled clothes cause you to run late. These clever fixes will help you iron twice as fast, and they actually work!
/ Source: TODAY

There's a domino effect that's triggered when you're getting ready to start your day, only to find your clothes covered in wrinkles. It can throw off the rest of your morning routine, and it inevitably happens at the worst possible moment (job interview, anyone?).

Here at TODAY Style, that got us thinking: How can we alleviate this fashion pain point? We love these clever tricks to help you iron twice as fast — and they actually work!

Use tin foil to iron a shirt

We bet you never thought foil would come in handy to iron out wrinkles. This hack is genius because instead of rotating your garment around the ironing board, the aluminum foil actually reflects the heat back onto the fabric so you iron both sides at the same time.

What you'll need:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Iron
  • Ironing board

What you'll do:

1. Line your ironing board with aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil will save the day!Anna De Souza

2. Lay your garment flat on top of foil.

3. Pass over the garment with the iron several times while pressing the steam button. The wet heat removes wrinkles from both sides of the garment at once.

The steam button is your friend.Anna De Souza

4. Allow garment to cool completely before dressing. (Warm fabric is likely to re-wrinkle!)

Use bobby pins to iron pleats

Ironing pleats can be tricky, too. This next trick transforms bobby pins into pleat-making tools!

What you'll need:

  • Pleated skirt (or pants, etc.)
  • Bobby pins
  • Iron
  • Ironing board
You probably never thought of a bobby pin as a pleat-making tool!Anna De Souza

What you'll do:

1. Fold pleats neatly.

2. Slide bobby pin to secure each pleat in place.

Bobby pins have more uses than in your hair.Anna De Souza

3. Work your way around the garment, securing each pleat.

4. Next, iron! The bobby pins keep the hem in place as you press your pleated garment.

It's so simple!Anna De Souza

5. Allow the item to cool before dressing and remove the bobby pins. Now you're perfectly pleated!

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