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'She knows what works': How Hoda Kotb's mom gave her confidence — and style

TODAY's Hoda Kotb says her personal style hero is her mom, who always told her, no matter what, "You look beautiful today."
/ Source: TODAY

My style hero for as long as I can remember has been my mom. My mom can look at any human being walking down the street and say "I know what dress should be for you."

She'll take it off the hanger in a store — it'll look weird and misshapen — and you'll put it on and it was as if you were born in it. She does it constantly.


The dresses in my dressing room, she finds them in a store, puts them in a box and sends them to my apartment in New York. I take the box to work without opening it. I hand it to the wardrobe people. They ask, "Have you tried it on?" No! I don't need to.

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She knows my body type and she knows what works. How many people have their mom sending them dresses that they don't even ever have to try on?! She has impeccable, crazy taste. Unlike her daughter — me!

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Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford with their moms. NBC

The thing my mom did since I was a kid, no matter what I wore, or how I looked or if my hair was a mess, she always said, "You look beautiful today" no matter what.

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I always felt confident in that way. So whatever you drape on top is fine. I remember what that felt like. If I decided I was going to wear a cowboy hat, like I did in high school for an entire year for no reason, she always encouraged me.

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The best thing anyone can give you is confidence and no matter what you wear, you feel like a million bucks.