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How to get ready in 4 minutes flat: An interactive guide

Here's a quick and easy beauty routine to help you look fabulous in just four minutes. Believe it!
/ Source: TODAY

There are few things as entertaining as watching makeup and hair tutorials. YouTube is chock-full of experts sharing creative styles, unique tips and fancy ideas on how to try a brand-new beauty look. That's all well and good for special occasions, but what about an everyday routine?

To help you get out the door faster, TODAY Style found the fastest and easiest tutorial of them all. And the best part is, the entire look can be completed in just four minutes flat.

Don't believe us? Watch the video below and click on the orange dots to uncover shortcuts, tricks, tips and hacks that'll speed up your morning routine. Spoiler alert: Stay tuned at the end for a whopping 31 more tips from top experts.

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