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Here's the secret to a polishing the 'other' hand perfectly every time

Getting a flawless manicure at home has everything to do with how you paint your nails. This tutorial will show you how to paint like a pro!
/ Source: TODAY

There's nothing better than a perfect at-home mani!

But mastering salon-level perfection is a challenging task, especially when it's time to paint the "other" hand. Trust us, we've been there!

While there are tools to help you get a flawless manicure in the comfort of your home (remember the Tweexy?), bubbles and smudges still occur.

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But behold: Here at TODAY, we may have unlocked the secret to a flawless manicure or a pedicure thanks to our friends at Paintbox in New York City.

B is for ... Brushstroke

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

1. Grab your favorite base coat.

2. Paint one stroke down the middle, starting at the cuticle and moving the brush down to the tip. Make sure you start at the very edge of the cuticle.

Pro tip: To get the perfect amount of polish on your brush, wipe off one side of the brush entirely. Then, flip the brush over and wipe off half of the polish, so that there's a perfectly-sized glob on the tip of one side.

3. Repeat this same stroke on one side, either to the left or right of the original. Again, start from the cuticle and move the brush down to the bottom in one clean swipe until the nail is covered.

Pro tip: Swiping the brush all the way past the tip of the nail will prevent chipping.

4. Repeat on the other side. If it's your non-dominant hand, make a fist and polish your nails as they rest on your palm.

Pro tip: To prevent shaking, squeeze the pinky of the hand holding the brush into your palm or place it onto the knuckle of the next finger.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 using your favorite shade of polish and finish with a top coat.

Pro tip: Do not place your hand flat on a surface to polish, as the angle can be difficult to get a smooth cuticle line.

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