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/ Source: TODAY
By Sarah Bracy Penn

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Ever looked back on an old summer snapshot and realized your hair was a major photobomb? An innocent beach breeze can take a blowout from perfectly coiffed to poof ball in seconds. Luckily, there are a few hacks for even the most unruly locks.

Sarah Potempa, celebrity stylist and inventor of the Beachwaver, shared a few tricks with TODAY Style to keep beachy tresses smooth, frizz-free and full of texture. This summer, ensure your hair doesn't rise to new heights — even if the temperature does!

For Fighting Frizz

If you have curly or textured hair, frizz can become a big problem in humid or breezy environments. Potempa recommends using a product that includes both curl-defining and frizz-fighting ingredients. The Define & Defrizz Curl Cocktail by Marc Anthony is a great place to start — and the price is great, too. Your hair will get a double duty treatment, and you won't have to sacrifice those beautiful beachy waves with other frizz-calming products that may straighten the hair.

Marc Anthony Define & Defrizz Curl Cocktail, $9, Ulta

Also available at Walgreens and Amazon.

For Warm Days (or Nights)

Sometimes summer calls for all-day activities that lead into the evening, especially on vacation! Potempa recommends styling hair in two simple braids for daytime. Later, spritz a hairbrush with a little hair spray, then release your braids and gently brush them out. The result should be a bouncy, beachy texture. If you experience flyaways, try taming them with a dab of body lotion (yes, lotion is safe for your strands!).

Beachwaver Co. Mini On Set Pro Brush, $23, Amazon

Soap & Glory the Righteous Butter Body Butter, $15, Walgreens

Also available at Ulta.

For Oily Roots

Potempa suggests applying a clarifying clay mask or shampoo to your hair once a week to detox natural oils and built-up product. After applying, comb it through and then rinse. Your scalp will thank you, and your locks will have more volume, too!

Alba Botanica Hawaiian Detox Shampoo, $15, Amazon

For a Longer-Lasting Look

Nothing beats the natural texture that comes with spending a day at the beach or pool. But the sweat, sunscreen and oils that build up might literally cramp your style. Potempa says to use a dry shampoo or, better yet, make one yourself! Rather than spritzing an aerosol dry shampoo, use a store-bought powder containing rice or tapioca, a more natural and pure way to absorb oil. Her recipe for a do-it-yourself dry shampoo is one part baking soda to two parts cornstarch. Simple, no?

Arm & Hammer Baking Soda (two pack), $9, Amazon

Argo Corn Starch, $9, Amazon