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How to create your own Woodstock and Snoopy costume, just like KLG and Hoda!

Dress like KLG and Hoda did for Halloween and be Woodstock and Snoopy from "The Peanuts" gang.
/ Source: TODAY

The Fourth Hour ladies weren't about to miss out on being part of the "Peanuts" gang.

It's no surprise that the ladies had to be something that went together, so naturally they picked the most iconic duo in Charles Schulz's crew, Woodstock and Snoopy!

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Kathie Lee went as Woodstock and Hoda as Snoopy — and if you and your wine loving bestie want to dress up just like these two, it's quite easy to get a similar look at home.

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For Snoopy's loyal sidekick, it's all about wearing lots of yellow. Start by wearing a yellow long sleeve t-shirt with yellow leggings.

Dress like the Peanuts Gallery for Halloween

Long Sleeve V-Neck Tee Slub - Mossimo Supply Co., $12.00, Target

Dress like the Peanuts Gallery for Halloween

Solid Color Basic Skinny Leggings, $6.99,

Then add on a yellow bird mask and give your hair a feathered 'do like mom Laura did for the blog Mama Say What?!

To get the look, Laura told Mama Say What?! she created a faux mohawk by grouping her hair into little ponytails and then adding feathers in various shades of yellow.

Dress like the Peanuts Gallery for Halloween

SACAS True Yellow Feather Bird Mask with yellow beak, $6.98, Amazon

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Meanwhile, to get that cute puppy dog look like Snoopy, start by wearing lots of white. You can grab a white t-shirt that you have a home and pair it with some white leggings.

Dress like the Peanuts Gallery for Halloween

Solid Legging - Mossimo Supply Co.- white, $12.00, Target

Dog ears are a must! Grab a pair and then pull a white beanie over your head to get that full Snoopy look.

Dress like the Peanuts Gallery for Halloween
Birthday Express

Long Black Puppy Ears Headband, $3.99, Birthday Express

Dress like the Peanuts Gallery for Halloween

Rich Gang Men's Knit Beanie Skull Cap Hat Birdman Drake, $10.99, Wal-Mart

Finally, to complete the costume, use face paint to put a black spot on your nose and tie a red string around your neck to match Snoopy's collar.

In minutes, Snoopy and Woodstock will be ready to celebrate Halloween, just the Fourth Hour ladies!

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