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The evil eye nail art trend is easier to master than you think

This tutorial will show you how to create evil eye nail art at home. It takes just 4 simple steps.
/ Source: TODAY

Evil eyes are one of the biggest jewelry trends of the last few years, but these motifs aren't restricted to just bracelets, necklaces and rings — they're also making waves in the world of nail art.

And while we can't scientifically prove that the design wards off evil as it says, it looks pretty cute either way.

This look is so subtle yet trendy that it really can be worn for any occasion.

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The experts at Paintbox in New York City shared the easiest tutorial with TODAY for creating evil eye nail art at home. No nail tech required!

E is for... Evil eye nail art

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

1. Prep the nail and apply a base coat.

2. Grab your favorite shade of polish and a detail brush (you can buy these at your favorite beauty supply store). Outline the shape of a moon at the base of the nail and only color above it. The area closest to the cuticle should not have polish.

3. Dip a dotting tool (another item you can pick at your local supply store) in the polish and add the circle detail in the area that's not painted.

Pro tip: You can use a pencil eraser or a toothpick instead of dotting tool.

4. Finish off with top coat and let dry. It's that simple!

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