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Curly hair? Here's how to get a smooth and shiny blowout at home

From using the right hair dryer to finding the best brush technique, here are the best tips to blow dry your curly hair straight.
/ Source: TODAY

When it comes to hair, we all want what we don't have.

So when Ambush Makeover hairstylist Arsen Gurgov of Licari Cutler Salon said he had the secret for turning curly hair into a sleek-and-straight blowout, we had to get to the scoop.

What you'll need:

1. Styling and shine serum

2. Wet brush or comb

3. 1/2-inch round brush (or a size that matches your smallest curls)

4. 3-inch round brush

5. Blow dryer

6. Flat iron

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What to do:

1. Start with the hair soaking wet. Gurgov says you shouldn't wait for your hair to air dry.

Make sure your hair is really wet.TODAY

2. Apply your favorite styling and shine serum throughout the hair.

Styling and shine serum are essential.TODAY

3. Brush the product through using a wet brush or comb.

Be sure to use a brush that's meant for wet hair.TODAY

4. Start by blow drying the very front of the hair. You'll notice the front tends to be curlier than the back, so grab a small round brush (1/2 inch) to smooth out the hair line.

It's important to start with the hairline.TODAY

Pro tip: Put the brush on top of the hair rather than under it to achieve an ultra smooth look.

5. Use a 3-inch brush to blow dry the rest of the hair.

A larger brush will help you get the job done faster.TODAY

Pro tip: When it comes to the back, you'll want to put the brush under the hair to get more lift at the root.

6. Grab a flat iron, but only focus on the hairline.

The smaller the flat iron, the more you can focus on those baby hairs at the hairline. TODAY

Pro tip: The flat iron will help seal out any moisture that causes hair to frizz.

7. Blast hair with cool air to seal the style.

Cool air the secret finishing touch.TODAY

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