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Hot makeup trends to try: Contour, bold lip, bright eyes

Whether you want to contour or rock a bold lip, Kim Kardashian West's makeup artist is here to help!
/ Source: TODAY

Getting that "flawless" makeup look doesn't have to be something reserved only for special occasions. If you know the right tricks, it's something you can do every day without adding extra time to your routine.

Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic, who works with celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Gabrielle Union, Ariana Grande and Megan Fox, stopped by TODAY to share some of his easiest tips that you'll want to add to your beauty routine ASAP.

How to contour

This is what Dedivanovic calls "the diet for the face." He says social media is flooded with images of dramatic contours, which are created with creams and powders, but it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, he advises that while it's important to know when to contour, it's even more valuable to know when not to.

How to contour
Nathan Congleton / TODAY
  1. Start with a go-to basic bronzer.
  2. Smile and go along the hollow of the cheek, which will add depth and dimension to the face.
  3. Use the leftover powder on the brush to go along the hairline and underneath the chin.
  4. Take a smaller brush with bronzer and softly go down the sides of the nose.

How to apply a bold lip

The bold lip is one of the hottest trends of the moment. Dedivanovic mentions that on social media it's often paired with dramatic eyes and contour, which can seem intimidating but doesn't have to be.

How to apply red lipstick
Nathan Congleton / TODAY
  1. Take a translucent powder and apply to the corners of the lip with a makeup sponge.
  2. Take a lip pencil and put it all over the lip to ensure the lipstick lasts all day.
  3. Apply the lip color over the pencil.
  4. Smooth out the powder, which will prevent the lip color from bleeding or feathering.

How to create a bold eye

Bright, colorful eyes certainly are popular, and they're actually easy to do with Dedivanovic's tips. Instead of using a typical eye shadow, the secret is a colorful of pencil.

How to apply eyeshadow
Nathan Congleton / TODAY
  1. Apply a 24-hour-wear eye pencil or waterproof eye pencil over the entire lid.
  2. Smudge it with your fingers.
  3. Take an emollient product like Vaseline or Aquaphor and apply it right on the lids for a slightly iridescent look that is especially fun at night.