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Here's why you should never shake nail polish

You've probably been painting your nails wrong this whole time.
/ Source: TODAY

Why is it that professional manicures look better and last longer than those done at home? One potential reason: It could be the way you’re prepping the polish.


In a new interview with Allure, nail artist Miss Pop revealed some of the biggest mistakes we make when painting our own nails.

For example, shaking the polish bottle before using. That's because it traps the air inside, creating tiny pockets that cause bubbles in your manicure.

If you're going to mix before using, it's best to roll the bottle in your hands like you're rolling out Play-Doh. But, often, you don't have to do anything.

Miss Pop told TODAY Style that there are only a few times you need to mix it:

  1. If it’s a new shade that’s been sitting on a shelf.
  2. If it's a shade you haven’t used in a few months and the paint appears to have separated.
  3. When you go to open the bottle and the color on the brush is veined.

She added that if you don’t mix a shade that needs it, it will look streaky once applied.

Another potential pitfall to watch out for is heat.

"A common mistake people make is keeping their nail polish in a sunny spot like their windowsill or in the bathroom," she told TODAY. "You want to store your polish upright in a cool, dry place. The most ideal place to preserve your favorite shade — the refrigerator!"

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Some other manicure-saving tips she shared include using a base coat. "It might seem like an extra step for a clear coat, but it’s the foundation of your mani. It acts like a primer to help your mani last a couple of extra days and even prevents staining from the shade. It’s an absolute must for your mani to last."

The nail expert also suggests wearing gloves when you do dishes and not taking a shower right after you do your nails, adding that hot water is nail polish’s natural-born enemy.

Now you can skip that pricey trip to the salon!