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'Holy smokes!' Husbands get emotional seeing their wives' Ambush Makeovers

See some of the best reactions husbands give after their wives get an Ambush Makeover on TODAY.
/ Source: TODAY

Every Thursday our Ambush Makeover team picks two women and transforms them from head to toe with the help of celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin.

And while these ladies often can't believe they're looking at the same person in the mirror, sometimes it's their husbands who get the shock of a lifetime when they see their beautiful brides all glammed up. Here are some of our favorite reactions!

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Let the waterworks begin!

"That takes me back 20 years," said Herschel Macy, who got teary-eyed upon seeing his wife Macy's new look.

Ambush makeover
Husband wipes a tear away after seeing his wife's ambush makeover.TODAY

The shock of a lifetime!

"Whoa!" Louis Hadrava exclaimed when his wife Patti walked out. "Now she's ready for the red carpet."

Ambush makeover reaction
Husband sees his wife for the first time after her ambush makeover.TODAY

Is that really my wife?

"Who are you?" said Randy Kingsbury within a split second of seeing wife Carmen's new look for the first time. "It's amazing! It doesn't look like her at first, but, man, wow! What a job!"

Ambush makeover
Husband can't believe his eyes after seeing the results of his wife's ambush makeover.TODAY

Can't contain the excitement!

“Oh my stars! You look so good!” said a very excited Craig as he ran over to hug his wife Jackie. “Holy smokes!”

Ambush makeover reaction
Husband runs over to hug his wife after her ambush makeover.TODAY

16 years of wedded bliss never looked so good!

“Wow!” said a very shocked and instantly teary Dan when he saw how gorgeous his wife Carolyn looked.

Ambush makeover reaction
Husband reacts to seeing his wife after her ambush makeover.TODAY

Beauty and love are ageless!

“She’s so beautiful” said David Sherrer as he saw his wife of 59 years Geneva. He couldn’t resist but to run over and give her a hug and a kiss.

Ambush makeover reaction
Husband reacts to seeing his wife after her ambush makeover.TODAY

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This story was originally published December 9, 2015.