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Shine on! We can't stop staring at these holographic lips

The latest beauty trend that's all over Instagram is ultra-shiny holographic lips.
/ Source: TODAY

It's officially time to get your shine on!

While the start of the holiday season likely has you ready to break out the sequins, jewels and tinsel, this year, people are adding some pizzazz to their lips with the latest beauty trend: holographic lip gloss.

From red to purple to blue (and even black), it's all about giving lipstick an extreme iridescent effect.

Holographic lips. Sigma Beauty Lip Switch
Genevieve Jacquet / Sigma Beauty

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And while these lip creations look quite complicated, all it takes — supposedly — is a simple swipe of lip gloss.

Holographic lips, Sigma Beauty Lip Switch
Sigma Beauty

But these aren't just your average lip glosses; Sigma Beauty's Lip Switch product is designed to give your favorite go-to lipstick a totally new and otherworldly look.

Holographic lips, Sigma Beauty Lip Switch
Sigma Enterprises

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The Lip Switch comes in hues of orange, lavender, green, pink and purple. The results: Imagine a multidimensional and colorful oil spill on your lips that's sure to make a statement!

Holographic lips, Sigma Beauty Lip Switch
Sigma Beauty

Who needs jewelry when you can have eye-catching lips like these?

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It's no surprise that the beauty world is having some fun with these color changing, light-catching glosses. People are turning to Instagram to share their bold and beautiful creations.

We officially can't stop staring! If you need us, we'll be looking up #holographiclips.

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