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/ Source: TODAY
By Jordan Muto

It's holiday party time! Is your hair ready?

While it can certainly be a struggle to find the perfect outfit for each event on the calendar, one of the easiest (and, arguably, most fun) ways to switch up your look is to try a new hairstyle.

Celebrity stylist and creator of the Beachwaver hair tool, Sarah Potempa, stopped by TODAY Friday to share the easiest tricks for turning your hair into the ultimate festive look.

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The easiest updo

Create a textured, modern updo in seconds with this quick tutorial. If you normally wear your hair down, it's an easy way to give any outfit a brand new feel. Potempa especially recommends this style if you have long hair.

Holiday hair

Here's what to do:

1. Start with a high ponytail.

2. Now braid it.

3. Pull the edges of the braid outward to give it some texture.

Pro tip: This technique is called "pancaking" and can create the illusion of thicker, fuller hair.

4. Grab a bun maker, twist the hair all the way up and pin in any stray pieces. Voila!

Not your average straight hair

Sleek, straight hair is always on-trend! One of Potempa's favorite ways to give it a fresh, new feel is to change up the part.

Holiday hair

1. Blow dry the hair straight.

2. Go over small sections with a flat iron.

Pro tip: Keep the flat iron parallel to the floor when straightening for that ultrasleek look.

3. Part hair in the middle and you're ready to go!

Get retro waves in an instant

There's nothing more glamorous than loose, old Hollywood waves. All you need is your curling iron — it's that easy!

Holiday hair

1. Curl hair with an iron.

2. Once you're finished the whole head, spray some flexible hairspray on a brush.

Pro tip: Spraying hairspray on the brush helps ensure that it's distributed evenly to create a smooth, finished look.

3. Brush out the ringlets section by section for a retro-glam effect.

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Bedazzle your hair

'Tis the season to add some sparkle to your whole look ... so why not add some baubles to your hair? Instead of relying on the same-old statement necklace or earrings, let your hair steal the spotlight.

Holiday hair

1. Create several braids on one side.

2. Grab a sparkly hair clip and your style will be instantly ready to party!

Pro tip: Don't have a dazzling hair clip? No problem! Create your own at home by hot gluing a hair barrette to your favorite brooch.

It's time to sparkle

A stretchy headband just might be the secret to most sophisticated updo ever. The best news is, there are no bobby pins required!

Hairstyles for the holidays.

1. Curl hair with your favorite wand or curling iron.

Pro tip: Short on time? Just curl the front.

2. Pick a stretchy headband that has some sparkle or lace to make a real statement.

3. Place the headband over the forehead.

4. Tuck hair into the headband around the back and sides — and ta-da!

Pro tip: Leave the front strands untucked for an undone, modern look.