Hoda is one of People's Most Beautiful (and gets a congratulatory foot rub from KLG)

Hoda poses for People magazine's Most Beautiful issue.

Lupita Nyong'o may have taken the title of People magazine's Most Beautiful Person of 2014, but Hoda Kotb made the list as well and is featured in the popular issue. 

"Our own Egyptian sun goddess, Hoda, is featured," Kathie Lee said on TODAY on Wednesday. "Finally, somebody's agreeing with me!"

Kotb shared a few of her favorite beauty regimens in the issue, including that she slathers coconut oil all over her skin as a moisturizer. But forget about her skin — Kathie Lee was more taken by the beauty of her toes.

"Hoda has the most beautiful feet you've ever seen in your life," she said, and as a congratulations, she even (begrudgingly) treated Kotb to a little foot rub Wednesday morning while getting ready for TODAY. 

Kathie Lee gives Hoda, one of People magazine's Most Beautiful People, a foot rub.

"If it took me getting in that magazine to get a foot rub, I'd do it again," Kotb said. "So thank you for that."