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Hoda Kotb shares story of buzzing fiancé Joel Schiffman's hair – see the final result!

"I was scared," she admitted about the challenge.
/ Source: TODAY

Add Hoda Kotb to the long list of people who’ve had to cut someone’s hair while quarantined.

On Tuesday’s TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, Hoda told Jenna Bush Hager how she recently did fiancé Joel Schiffman’s hair.

“You have cut Joel’s hair, which listen, I think that’s the ultimate test in trust,” Jenna said.

Hoda worked her magic on Joel's hair, giving him a fresh cut.
Hoda worked her magic on Joel's hair, giving him a fresh cut.TODAY

“The great thing about Joel is he don’t care,” Hoda said before showing before and after photos of him on Mother’s Day.

“Ooh,” Jenna cooed.

“Come on now. Buzzed it straight down,” Hoda proudly declared.

Cutting hair during quarantine has become something of a ritual for people trying to maintain their locks since millions of people are unable to visit a barber or hairstylist.

Carson Daly, Savannah Guthrie, Gwen Stefani, Chris Cuomo and Uma Thurman are among the celebrities who’ve either gotten cuts or had to play impromptu barber while staying home the last few months.

Jenna asked Hoda if she preferred Joel pre- or post-cut.

“I like him any way he likes to be, but he looks great both ways,” she replied.

Hoda said she had to undergo some real on-the-job training when it came time to taming his locks.

“I know nothing about clippers,” she said. “He was like, ‘Try the three or the four,’ and I was like, ‘Do you just flip it?’ I was trying to remember how Carson did it,” she said referring to how Carson cut his hair.

Aside from lack of experience, another obstacle for Hoda was her decision not to seek help online.

“Remember, we didn’t do any phones, so there was no YouTube. We stuck to our guns,” she said, referring to an earlier story she told about why she's choosing not to look at her phone on the weekend.

Hoda also said daughter Haley was right there with her to lend some help, if necessary.

"Haley was there, and she had a paintbrush," she said. "She was trying to paint his hair back on. That’s what she was doing.”

Hoda said Joel was insistent she could get as close as possible while working on him.

“He wanted me to keep going closer. I was scared. I finally said to him, I go, ‘If you wanna use one of the ones or twos, you have to do it because I can’t get in there that close,’” she said.

When all was said and done, though, Hoda thought the style turned out well.

“It looked good,” she said.