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Hilary Duff just debuted bright blue hair

The "Younger" actress showed off her at-home hair transformation on Instagram.
Hilary Duff, known for her blond locks, just showed off a new, electric shade while in quarantine.Valerie Macon / AFP-Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

It's out of the blue! Hilary Duff just added a whole lot of color to her hair.

The “Younger” star, 32, showed off her vibrant new hairdo on Instagram, a major change from her signature platinum strands. It also looks like she may have chopped a few inches off her long lob.

Though it's possible Duff is wearing a wig, celebrity hairstylist Nikki Lee did comment, “Yep! You did it!” on Duff’s Instagram post, suggesting that the actress may have actually taken the plunge and transformed her color — at least temporarily.

Duff also sported blue hair in her Instagram story, where it appears she colored the ends bright blue and added subtler blue highlights near her roots.

Is her new, blue hair here to stay?
Is her new, blue hair here to stay?hilaryduff/ Instagram

Duff is no stranger to striking hair transformations. She sported a pastel, sky-blue shade in her “Sparks” music video back in 2015.

Earlier that year, she also showed off some gorgeous pink highlights.

However, more often than not, she tends to be seen with long, blond waves.

Hilary Duff Brightens Up Her Blonde With Celebrity Hairstylist, Riawna Capri and Joico's Blonde Life
Duff usually rocks blond hair.Tiffany Rose / WireImage

Duff is just the latest celebrity to get creative with her hair during quarantine. Jennifer Love Hewitt recently gave herself some hot pink highlights.

Other celebrities are rocking at-home haircuts — including Blake Shelton, who has pledged to grow back his old mullet as a “symbol of hope.”

Former Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson also revealed some impressive skills when she cut her husband’s shoulder-length strands into a much shorter style.

Others eliminated the need for any hairstyling during quarantine by simply shaving everything off.

Pink revealed recently that she shaved her head after getting a little tipsy.

And Bruce Willis helped give daughter Tallulah a chic buzz cut.

We’ll have to wait and see if Duff’s new blue hairdo is here to stay — but either way, she’s obviously an at-home hairstyling pro!