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Hilarious video: What your office attire really says about you

This video will probably make you think twice about what you wear to work tomorrow.
/ Source: TODAY

This will probably make you think twice about what you wear to work tomorrow.

A new video from Fast Company pokes fun at what people think their office attire says about them — and what vibe they’re actually giving at the office.

Here’s one hilarious example:

Fast Company
Fast Company

Take the boss who tries to make a statement by pairing a blazer with a T-shirt and jeans. Hip, right? Not exactly. While he thinks his look says, “I connect with the millennials,” it’s really saying, “I live vicariously through my interns.” Ouch.

And then there’s the colleague who shows up to work in an oversized plaid button-up with a belt. Sure, menswear is definitely a trend. But maybe she also didn’t have a chance to grab a change of clothes after an, um, exciting night.

The clip was filmed with performers from the UCB Theatre and directed by Scott Mebus, Fast Company’s head of video and television.

“Earlier in my career I came into work one day and two people who worked for me actually staged a fashion intervention,” Mebus told “I thought I was projecting a cool boss vibe but apparently pleated khakis were not helping me convey that. I thought it would be fun to show the disparity between the image you think you’re projecting and how people actually perceive you.”

So, maybe it’s not the most scientific analysis, but it’s definitely good for a laugh.

Watch the full video at Fast Company.