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Here's why a wine bottle will be your new favorite makeup tool

A wine bottle and glass can help you perfect your makeup technique. Here's how!
/ Source: TODAY

Wine bottles and glasses are not only for drinking, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb recently found out.

Alle Connell, senior editor at Revelist, is such a wine lover that she actually found a way to incorporate it into her makeup routine.

Connell told TODAY that this idea that popped into her head at 2 a.m. — and she just had to try it. As an editor who is known for using hot dogs to curl hair, Connell was more than game to try it out.

While it's mostly about the amusement of trying something different and silly, there are also some real takeaways. Mostly, it's about using the natural shapes and curves of the wine-drinking accouterments as stencils while contouring.

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For the wine bottle:

  • Contour at the cheekbones using the neck of the bottle.
  • Shade at the nose using the curve at the top.
  • Cover the hairline using the base.

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For the wine glass:

  • Shade at the jawline using the curve of the stem.
  • Cover the chin using the base of the glass.
  • Highlight the top of the cheekbones using the rim.

See, it's that easy! Would you try it?

Master the contouring craze!

April 15, 201502:18