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Here's how Elmer's glue will give you a perfect manicure

Get a clean, professional-looking manicure with this simple trick. This hack works for everyone!
/ Source: TODAY

Are you a mess when it comes to manicures? Trust us, we feel your pain. But there is a way to get a clean, professional-looking mani every time — and everything you need is already in your kid's school supply stash. That's right, it's as easy as grabbing a bottle of Elmer's glue. (And keep reading below for another easy glue hack.)

For a perfect manicure ...

There's nothing quite like the satisfaction of peeling dried glue from your fingers (except for maybe popping bubble wrap). As it turns out, it can also be very useful. Shimmy yourself over to the next available kiddie chair, roll up your sleeves and partake in this nostalgic activity in the most productive, grown-up way possible.

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  1. Start with fresh, clean nails.
  2. Cover the cuticles (and only the cuticles) with Elmer's glue. Alternatively, you can pour glue into a dish and paint it on with a small brush (an eye shadow brush should work just fine).
  3. Allow glue to dry — about two to three minutes.
  4. Polish your nails as you normally would (aka, as sloppily as a kindergartner with finger paint). You can opt for a second coat and finish off with a top coat. Allow polish to dry completely.
  5. Finally, just peel away all of your mistakes in the most gratifying way imaginable! It couldn't be easier ... or less toxic.

Hey, remember that kids manage to eat this stuff and still live to terrorize your living room walls another day.

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For easy party nails ...

Glitter polish is oh-so-fun, so it's a shame that the removal process is a nightmare. There's the rubbing, the tugging, the 14 cotton pads and the overall frustration.

It's so stubborn, in fact, that the decision to wear glitter feels akin to marriage. But what if you want to sport disco nails for just one special night? It's actually simple: just use Elmer's glue as a peel-off base coat!

  1. Paint on glue with an eye shadow brush and allow it to dry for two to three minutes.
  2. Follow up with as many layers of glitter polish as your heart desires — clean up will be a breeze!
  3. Once it dries, you can go about your day as usual. You'll be surprised how well your polish holds up.
  4. When you're ready to tuck in for the night, simply peel off the polish starting from the side or base of the nail. It will lift off in a flash, no acetone needed!

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Not only will this save time, but you'll be saving your nails from the drying effects of polish remover, too. Now that's a win-win.