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 / Updated  / Source: TODAY
By Rachel Greenberg and Brittany Loggins

When you throw the hottest annual Halloween party in town, your costume better be just as good.

Heidi Klum not only hosts the dress-up spectacular of the season, she always makes sure to bring her A-game with an amazing ensemble that often renders her unrecognizable. From a gigantic butterfly to a creepy cadaver, the reining queen of the DIY costume scene always manages to blow us away — and lucky for us, she's just given us a little tease of this year's look.

The star posted a short video of a prosthetic mask and being molded onto a bust. It's not much to see so far, but it's enough of a tease to stoke anticipation — especially because Klum was gracious enough to tag the company responsible.

Prosthetic Renaissance Inc. has an Instagram that will rattle your bones with fear, and they've been Klum's go-to company for outrageous makeup and prosthetics for years. She's far from the only star they've covered in blood, gore and makeup, especially since they often work on movie and TV sets.

While we eagerly await her big reveal, here's a look back at Klum's costumes from the past.

2001: Lady Godiva

Heidi Klum is a true goddess as Lady Godiva in 2001.WireImage

Talk about making an entrance. Klum showed up at her first annual fete on the back of a horse, just like the legend of Lady Godiva. Her bloody countess costume included an all-white ensemble and long golden locks. All that was missing was Peeping Tom!

2002: Betty Boop

Heidi Klum is singing "Boop-Oop-A-Doop" as the famous cartoon character.Getty Images

Klum brought the cartoon character to life with a black wig, vampy red dress and plenty of bling. Her over-the-top eyelashes were our favorite part of this Betty Boop portrayal.

2003: Alien

This golden look is out of this world!Getty Images

The golden girl took a journey to outerspace in 2003, bringing back a fully gilded look complete with metallic armor and a fierce helmet.

2004: Red witch

Not your average Halloween witch!Getty Images

Always an original, Klum put her own spin on the classic witch costume, complete with an all-red outfit, hair and hat — and a skeleton in place of a broom. Was this the inspiration for "Game of Thrones" red witch? Either way, we’re bloody scared of this sexy sorcerer.

2005: Vampire

She wants to suck your blood ... and throw the Halloween party of the year.Getty Images

Klum took the bloodsucking beast to a new level, with fangs, thigh-high boots and a bleeding heart. We're sure this glammed-up version of the undead was a total hit at her annual event.

2006: Garden of Eden

She's the apple of our eye every Halloween.Getty Images

A pregnant Klum found the perfect way to conceal her baby bump — inside a giant apple costume! The model made a compelling case for living in sin, incorporating a slithering serpent into her Garden of Eden-inspired getup.

2007: Cat

Meow! Klum gets extra points for realistic texture.Getty Images

In 2007, she wore a velvety cat suit that played to the supermodel’s curves. While this may have been the most tame of Klum’s Halloween looks, her spot-on makeup and perfectly placed fangs were all pretty darn purr-fect.

2008: Kali

Her mic drop of a costume.Getty Images

Klum’s interpretation of multiarmed Hindu goddess Kali was as over-the-top as it gets. While Klum regularly looks like a modern day goddess, this blue skin, skull-wearing, bloody-head carrying version is certainly a sight to behold.

2009: Crow

Now that's a couple costume.Getty Images

They say birds of a feather flock together — and Klum kept to the adage by showing up to her party in matching crow getups with then-partner Seal. Their black feathers and oversized beaks made these cumbersome costumes a hit.

2010: Transformer

Klum spared no expense for this high-tech look.Getty Images

Klum makes a convincing superhero! Her red and purple Transformer costume was a robot-lover’s dream. Between the hair, makeup and extravagant ensemble (which made her 8 feet tall), she had transformed beyond recognition by the time she stepped onto the red carpet.

2011: Cadaver

Did this corpse run away from a museum exhibit?FilmMagic

Klum celebrated Halloween on both coasts in 2011, showing up to her Vegas party as a cadaver. The model was wheeled into Tao nightclub on an autopsy table, just in case the “dead body” look didn’t freak out guests enough!

2011: Ape

Heidi and Seal just monkey-ing around!Jemal Countess / Getty Images

Back in New York City, Heidi donned the most realistic ape outfit we’ve ever seen. In a matching look with Seal, the model was covered in fur and donned a lifelike mask. My, what big ears you have!

2012: Cleopatra

Her makeup is a work of art.AP

After Hurricane Sandy, Klum hit pause on Halloween in 2012, postponing her NYC party until December. While the model sparkled from head-to-toe in a glittery gown, cape and headdress, the standout section of this costume was certainly her face, which was covered in hundreds of crystals.

2013: Old lady

Now we know what Heidi Klum will look like in her 90s. Getty Images

Heidi outdid herself in 2013 with a make-under that made her tough to recognize! Complete with varicose veins, wrinkly skin, silver locks and a cane, Klum took granny chic to a new level.

2014: Butterfly

Simply beautiful!Getty Images

Klum transformed into a butterfly, displaying vibrantly colored wings and literal “bug eyes” for her annual bash. While we suspect the rainbow-bright body paint took hours to apply, the end result was truly a treat.

2015: Jessica Rabbit

*cartoon eyes pop*Getty Images

To achieve the curvaceous figure of fictional character Jessica Rabbit, Klum spent hours in prosthetic fittings leading up to her annual party. With on-point hair and makeup to top it all off, this va-va-voom look was one of Klum’s best.

2016: Six clones of Heidi Klum

Model Heidi Klum, who is the third person from the left, reveals her costume during her 17th Annual Halloween Party on October 31, 2016 in New York City.Getty Images

In 2016, Klum attended her Halloween party with five clones of herself. Because the world deserves more than just one Heidi Klum!

2017: Michael Jackson as a werewolf in "Thriller"

Heidi Klum attends her 18th Annual Halloween Party on October 31, 2017 in New York City.Craig Barritt / Getty Images

Heidi definitely sent chills down our spines when she donned the costume (and attitude!) of Michael Jackson from the "Thriller" music video. Of course, she didn't just go as Jackson — she went as the bone-chilling werewolf version of him that he becomes in the video.

This story was originally published on Sept. 16, 2016.