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Heavy handbag? How to organize your purse once and for all

If you're anything like Hoda Kotb (or any of us, really) your everyday bag could use some help.
/ Source: TODAY

Have you asked someone to hold your bag for a second only to realize that they are looking at you in shock (and horror)? Then, of course, they utter those words that no one wants to hear: “What could possibly be in your bag?” While you know the answer is probably “a lot of junk,” that doesn’t fix your issue.

Carrying more than 10 pounds on your shoulder is no way to function. But since we know old habits are hard to break, here are our top three tips to instantly lighten your load.

Tip #1: Compartmentalize

One of the best strategies to avoid being coined a “bag lady” is to separate the items you carry into smaller bags. This involves carrying small, lightweight clutches in a larger tote and grouping items together based on need. For example, one clutch could have your major essentials like your credit card, license, cell phone and lip gloss while additional clutches could be organized by your destination. That way, you can leave the huge tote in your car, at your desk or at home when you don't need it.

Tip #2: Rotate

Have you ever found yourself in a fashion rut where you carried around the same bag for years on end? This happens more times than we can count. The problem leads so many women to keep piling more stuff into their bags without ever cleaning it out. That's why rotating your bags is key to lightening your load. While we’ll be the first to admit that switching out your go-to, everyday bag for another can be super annoying, it forces you to deal with the mess you’ve let pile up. Employ this strategy by rotating between three bags every two or three months. Your load will be lighter and your back relieved!

Tip #3: Streamline

Streamlining our lives is something we can all afford to give a try. Do we really need to carry around a mini drugstore in our bags for every potential “just-in-case” moment? Kleenex, pain relievers, snacks, makeup, gum, mail, nail polish, etc., the list goes on and on. Ask yourself, what are the things you simply cannot leave the house without? Recruit a friend who will be totally honest with you and try to take worry and anxiety out of the equation. We bet that list is much shorter than what’s actually sitting your bag. Minimize to the necessities and you may be shocked to see how little you actually need to carry on your own two shoulders ... both literally and figuratively.

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