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Heated eyelash curlers exist: Here's why you need one now

/ Source: TODAY

Gone are the days of nearly poking your eyes out with medieval-looking torture devices, I mean, eyelash curlers. Now, that outdated beauty tool has gotten a 21st century makeover.

Meet the heated eyelash curler. Similarly to using a flat iron, wand or curling iron, a little bit of heat makes curling lashes so much easier. Why should the hair on your head have all the fun? Retailing at about $10-$18 on average, this is a beauty buy that's well worth it.

Still sound scary? The makeup experts at Rouge NY proved just how simple it really is to use.

H is for ... Heated eyelash curler

  1. Pick a heated eyelash curler to try. There are plenty of options to choose from.
  2. Allow the tool to heat up for about one minute.
  3. Since most versions don't have a clamp, simply place the curler on the lashes and slowly slide the tool upward.
  4. Add a few coats of mascara and bat those beautiful lashes!

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