Happy Halloween! TODAY anchors dress as the 'Peanuts' gang

The "Peanuts" are back! And while the feature-length movie won't be released until Nov. 6, the TODAY anchors just couldn't contain their excitement until then. That's why they brought the cartoon characters to life just in time for Halloween!

The spooky holiday is only a day away, but it's not late to go as Charlie, Snoopy or any of the gang this year. And while all eyes may be on Matt Lauer's Lucy costume (going as a lady seems to be his thing), the rest of the TODAY crew really got into character as well. From Al Rocker as Charlie Brown to Savannah Gutherie as Sally, there's a character for pretty much anyone's personality. We have suggestions on how you and your friends can dress up just like the TODAY anchors.

Peanuts; TODAY
Matt Lauer dressed as Lucy
Peanuts; TODAY
Al Roker dressed as Charlie Brown
Peanuts; TODAY
Savannah Guthrie as Sally

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Charlie Brown

It's actually quite simple to rock your inner Charlie Brown like Al. Get a bright yellow polo shirt and some black fabric paint to create Charlie's iconic yellow-and black-shirt. With the fabric paint, create a bold black zig-zag that starts about 3/4 of the way down from the top of the shirt. Add black shorts, yellow socks and brown dress shoes and you'll be on your way!

Yellow polo shirt


Dickies® Young Men's Pique Polo, $13.99, Target

Black shorts


Arizona Flat-Front Shorts, $17.99, JCPenny

Yellow socks


Golden Yellow Solid Color Men’s Dress Socks, $8.00, boldSOCKS

Brown dress shoes



Think pink. Who is going as Sally this Halloween?

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