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#HangoverMakeup: The beauty trend taking over the Internet

The latest makeup trend sweeping the Internet has an interesting inspiration: a hangover after a night out on the town.
/ Source: TODAY

Want to get the latest beauty look? You could start with a wild night out on the town. That's right, the latest makeup trend sweeping the Internet has quite an interesting inspiration.

Say hello — or shall we say good morning — to hangover makeup.

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This trend, which originated in Asia, specifically Japan and Korea, is inspired by none other than the day after a night filled with booze, booze and more booze. While the easiest way to get this look may be seizing the day and drinking like there's no tomorrow, women are creating the trend without suffering through the typical morning-after headache, nausea and regret.

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So what exactly is hangover makeup? It's a bit different than the smudged eye makeup and day-after stained lips from a "walk of shame."

In Japan, the trend known as byojaku face, features puffy eyes and flushed cheeks. Women typically focus on the flushed cheeks aspect, highlighting the undereye area with rose-colored blush.

In Korea, it's called aegyo sal and focuses more on the puffy eyes, which are popular because they make you appear more cheerful and youthful, according to a YouTube video tutorial on the trend by makeup blogger Michelle Phan. While the flushed cheeks are quite easy to create since they require a pale-powdered face and striking blush, puffy eyes are slightly harder. They requires a combination of highlighting and darkening the under-eye area to get that faux puffy appearance, as Michelle Phan explains in her tutorial.

And while you might be thinking, "this is what death looks like," it turns out that science sort of backs it up.

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Researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland proved that a rosy complexion correlates to a perception of healthiness, and increases perceived attractiveness.

"Our skin contains many tiny blood vessels that carry blood laden with oxygen to the skin cells, allowing them to 'breathe,' and allowing us to lose heat during exercise. People who are physically fit and have higher levels of sex hormones have more of these blood vessels and flush easier than people who are unhealthy, unfit, elderly or smokers. Physically fit people also have more oxygen in their blood than people who are unfit or have heart or lung illnesses," lead researcher Ian Stephen concluded in the study.

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According to their findings, the color of blood that is portrayed in your skin helps determine your level of healthiness. Those who have a flushed complexion tend to look healthier, for example.

"Since your attractiveness relies upon how healthy you look, you might be able to make yourself more attractive by being kind to your heart and lungs in doing more exercise or quitting smoking," said Stephen in the study.

With hangover makeup, you can simulate that flushed look without hitting the gym. But while flushed cheeks may be attractive, we're not so sure about the baggy eyes we often try to cover up. There's yet to be a study on that one.

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And it doesn't look like the public is convinced that this trend is a keeper, either.

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